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dans des modes de transports plus écologiques et plus fluides. investments in greener and seamless transport. This includes the transferring of raw and refined petroleum between tanks and tankers; tankers and ships and other transactions. The fiscal period 2002/2003 saw the first internal audit of this partnership. How to use uncertainty in a sentence. Uncertainty definition is - the quality or state of being uncertain : doubt. h��U�N�@��},����k !AZT��$-�&X���A�Q�����N�` 0 This situation engenders uncertainty as to the law applicable. Translations of the phrase FISCAL UNCERTAINTY from english to spanish and examples of the use of "FISCAL UNCERTAINTY" in a sentence with their translations: ...levels were not compromised despite fiscal uncertainty . Typical is an example from the minutes of the September 2012 FOMC meeting: "Many [FOMC] participants also noted that a high level of uncertainty regarding the European fiscal and banking crisis and the outlook for U.S. fiscal and regulatory policies was weighing on confidence, thereby restraining household and business spending." La Plateforme chargée de la bonne gouvernance fiscale assiste la Commission pour le développement d'initiatives destinées à promouvoir la bonne gouvernance en matière fiscale dans les pays tiers, contrer la planification fiscale agressive, identifier et remédier aux situations de double imposition. Fiscal measurement systems are typically driven by regulation (tax, royalty, etc.) This is �C+k��s�n��B�`�P)�(�s8S���"8)��R\'��i����4��%'�I^V�(�Av�!/��Jx�wy�:�֛�l�M����lYV��˟ׇ�Ws��>���e�b��f�-nWEvPӊy��ْg�\d���/?�mD�>�Vy5�%��"�3��J��Wټ����y.d2���Wm2~��Y��^��r�|k��>#WJ�D���/'˻��&WEyR�����X���,[ ���s�)�OY#�B$��ۊ�r�h��R��C^��&Px��f�k�%�L)��"��i���tg��N���iM{ h_���j��^)��;�p褃G���� FISCAL ANCHORING AMID UNCERTAINTY Since the recent fi nancial crisis and severe economic downturn, government debt-to-GDP ratios in many euro area countries have risen to very high levels. This paper analyzes low-frequency fiscal uncertainty and its consequent state-dependent fiscal effects. ?����x���fn�tM��}9�_O���i�ۡI�������[���GWN�1�����T���]c���k��t-��5�����/��Ӑ-J,���-傹@fA�٘ y�. uncertainty - traduction anglais-français. #q�)ӣr���t"[P����f�K+RM)� 0G��_��p(�E!&��FX�8�W��zX�o����9����.�X�}�q�h�0naW�|��^:ꌘ *@@=��ϿZ�_|T��L�.u��oV\I���z���u߆S����CQ���~��E��1\.��`����闣��]l��Ŷqw���}�n˧��s=���� ���-JFb��;�T�ỵG�������y xQI6Z��^�����zy '�b���'h�H�pⷼ�[��7b�|}�q19»�&�n� z�nc�ք�kp�iQOM8N���9�mj��)�g�& ;�P�����v� G�XfEb��JR��RI]�p�q�ӲN�S�~3-�C&�ߐl#� k���tՔ�m�vZ��(���t`c�������y���ж��w���X6}i5���` ��*S La fraude fiscale ne constitue que l’une des facettes du phénomène d’évaporation des ressources fiscales des États. For example, in one Area office, the decision to, Par exemple, dans un bureau de Secteur, la décision d'acheter un, véhicule très nécessaire a été retardée à, In midd2003, longgterm interest rates in the Czech, Republic started to increase, in parallel with rising inflation and, Mi-2003, les taux d'intérêt à long terme ont, commencé de se tendre, parallèlement à la hausse de l'inflation et, A prudent approach to fiscal forecasting: The federal government adopted a high degree of prudence in its fiscal planning to meet the firm commitment, of achieving a balanced budget or better in every, La prudence des prévisions financières : Le gouvernement fédéral a fait preuve d'une grande prudence dans sa planification financière afin de réaliser le ferme engagement de, présenter des budgets équilibrés ou excédentaires chaque, Since midd2003, longg term interest rates have risen in Poland, in, parallel with renewed exchange rate depreciation, an increase in, Depuis mi-2003, les taux d'intérêt à long terme ont augmenté en Pologne, parallèlement à une nouvelle, dépréciation du taux de change, un renforcement des tensions, The level of the 2009-10 contingency funds -, set at about three per cent of total expense -, Le niveau des fonds de prévoyance de 2009-2010, fixé à environ, It concludes that the objective criteria, which inform investors' perceptions of certainty, fall into four basic categories: (1) uncertainty created by gaps in the, Il en conclut que les critères objectifs, qui qualifient la perception des investisseurs en matière de certitude, tombent dans quatre catégories de base : (1) incertitude créée par des lacunes dans la loi ou dans l'attribution des, external assistance makes long-term planning. 1. In accounting Accounting vs Finance This guide will compare accounting vs finance across various aspects. manage fiscal risks more broadly—including tail risks—and to better incorporate uncertainty into fiscal policy analysis. Equation. Furthermore, when comparing key words associated with the four different categories of health, fiscal, monetary and trade policy, trade policy uncertainty had been the highest among the four with a spike in 2019, but it is now low and the lowest among these four – again, due to overriding concerns driven by the pandemic. the differences between the five projections presented are remarkably small. endstream endobj 738 0 obj <>/Metadata 145 0 R/Outlines 269 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 723 0 R/StructTreeRoot 310 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 739 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 740 0 obj <>stream We explore the long-run implications of public financing policies aimed at short-run stabilization when: (i) agents are sensitive to model uncertainty, as in Hansen and Sargent (2007), and (ii) growth is endogenous, as in Romer (1990).

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