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Board will revisit their telehealth guidance (that says telehealth is not specifically prohibited in the practice act and therefore they may use it as appropriate) before July 1, 2020 to determine whether the Board should rescind, amend, or promulgate portions. Telehealth provision waivers were previously extended by Executive Order Nos. Guidance issued by South Carolina Medicaid Office dated March 19, 2020 allows for telehealth and telephone-only care for established patients who need check-ins subject to the following limitations: These codes should not be billed if the telephonic encounter originates from a related E/M service provided within the preceding seven days nor if it leads to an E/M service or procedure within the subsequent 24 hours. (But this does not include facility fees for distant or originating sites.). Ky Rev Stat § 304.17A-005. 2020-114 and 2020-166, for an additional 60 days through November 4, 2020. Medicaid Provider Bulletin 20-06 (PDF, 350KB) dated March 17, 2020 advises that telephone evaluation and management services will be covered during the public health emergency. 94 JBE 2020 (PDF, 4.12MB), Proclamation No. 20-08 dated March 13, 2020) was previously renewed and extended by Orders 20-15, 20-23, 20-29, 20-35, 20-38, 20-40, 20-42, 20-44, 20-48, 20-53, 20-56, and 20-59. Emergency legislation (A3862) established temporary emergency licensing for out-of-state individuals, waiving certain requirements, such as a criminal history background check and payment of certain licensing fees, for the duration of any declared state of emergency. Executive Order No. 35 FY19/20 (PDF, 421KB), Department of Health guidance (PDF, 226KB), Maryland Medical Assistance Program Provider Enrollment COVID-19 Temporary Changes Memorandum (PDF, 656KB), Executive Order No. May 8 Update The telehealth measure has been extended through July 31, 2020. However, pediatric behavioral health care providers may not use audio-only phone or live chat with their patients. Trainees are not able to perform telehealth services. Public Health Emergency still in effect, not yet terminated. Yes for commercial health plans including small employer health benefit plans and industrial insurance and Medicaid, Nev. Rev. The State of Emergency Declared in Executive Order 2020-04 was previously renewed by Executive Order No. Yes for all commercial health plans including self-funded or publicly funded plans and Medicaid; may limit coverage to telehealth services delivered by in-network providers; originating site is defined to include the patient’s home and the patient’s workplace. Public health emergency and the interstate practice waivers remain in effect through June 25, 2020. Yes for all commercial health plans including state employee benefit plans and Medicaid but may limit coverage to services from in-network providers. Medicaid Commissioner memorandum (PDF, 37KB) dated March 12, 2020 allows for psychological testing in Medicaid through the “Telehealth Modality” for procedure codes 96130, 96131, 96136, 96137, 96132, 96113, and 96146 through May 31, 2020. Proclamation to Renew the State of Civil Emergency (PDF, 304KB) dated June 10, 2020 extended the state of emergency for an additional 30 days through July 10, 2020. Executive Order No. Yes. Executive Order 2020-05.1 dated March 20, 2020 amending EO 2020-05 to include telehealth and also temporarily allowing audio-only services for telehealth remains in effect for the duration of the public health emergency. Department of Human Services Provider Quick Tip #242 (PDF, 227KB) dated April 9, 2020 allows Medicaid patients to receive telehealth services in their homes. Executive order (PDF, 325KB) dated March 16, 2020 temporarily waives licensure requirements for out-of-state licensed health care providers for those working at a Maryland health care facility. The bulletin advises that coverage of telehealth services should be the same as in-person services. 2020-9 (PDF, 38KB) dated April 24, 2020 extends its previous bulletin on use of telemedicine during the COVID-19 crisis (Bulletin 2020-1) through June 30, 2020. Joint OHA-DCBS telehealth guidance (PDF, 375KB) instructs insurers to remove related to originating sites to allow patients to receive services at home, in a nursing home, or where they are physically present and can receive the service; and to enable providers to deliver telehealth service from their own home. New Mexico Department of Insurance issued guidance dated March 6, 2020 states that insurers should encourage network providers to utilize telehealth services and take other proactive measures (PDF, 82KB). The Department of Health and Human Services posted its Medicaid telehealth billing requirements and indicated that telehealth services will be paid at the same rate as in-person services. Because services performed by interns are currently reimbursed by Medicaid (PDF, 627KB) at 50% of supervisor rate if they are employed at a CMHC, these services would continue to be reimbursed consistent with Executive Order No. EO 20-07 dated March 23, 2020 temporarily allowing out-of-state psychologists licensed in other EMAC states to provide services remains in effect during state of emergency. D2020-20 (PDF, 353KB) dated April 1, 2020 also temporarily suspends the 20-day limitation in the temporary practice provision for mental health providers (C.R.S. Yes for commercial health plans but only if the plan covers the comparable in-person service; the telehealth service is medically necessary; the telehealth service is recognized as an essential health benefit as defined by PPACA; the service is determined to be provided safely and effectively via telehealth according to generally accepted health care practices and standards. Executive Order No. Note while Executive Order No. State public health emergency declared on March 11, 2020 and set to expire on June 5, 2020. April 9 Update We updated this sentence: Our COVID-19 measures are in effect as of March 6, 2020. DOH has established an online system. New Mexico Medicaid Special COVID-19 Supplement #3—Guidance for New Mexico Medicaid Providers (PDF, 851KB) dated April 6, 2020 states in addition to existing psychotherapy codes, Applied Behavior Analysis services provided by phone, telephone assessment and management services, and e-visit services will be covered for the duration of the public health emergency. Michigan Medicaid listed the codes and coverage changes for the COVID-19 response (PDF, 212KB) that are in effect for 30 days following the termination of Governor Whitmer’s Declaration of a State of Emergency Order (2020-04, COVID-19), or on the first of the following month, whichever is later. Generally, per the Medicaid manual, interns and postdocs’ services are billable for in-person services if they have a master’s degree and (have completed a practicum as part of that) or (have 6 months post master’s experience). This means any face-to-face or in-person supervision requirements may be satisfied using remote or electronic means during the pendency of the suspension. Executive Order No. 20-06 (PDF, 229KB) dated March 18, 2020 allows for audio-only phone. Executive Order No. Department of Insurance published Telehealth Questions and Responses (PDF, 870KB) dated April 9, 2020 summarizing telehealth coverage and billing policies for commercial health plans in the state. Neb. They were extended for an additional 30-day period starting on April 5, 2020, and will be re-evaluated for further extension. 2020-059 (PDF, 435KB), Executive Order No. 151 (PDF, 98KB) dated June 4, 2020; Executive Order No. Telesupervision is permitted after supervisors register with Board of Psychology via the Application for Authorization to Provide Tele-Supervision to Psychology Trainees/Unlicensed Assistants to Psychologists form (PDF, 312KB) and pay a $25 fee per supervisee. Equipment that includes a pardon for themself is the subject of greater interest now in the home Program... The governor issued Executive Order No reimbursement of audio-only phone is permitted for telehealth services in any.... Small employer health benefit plans ; requires reimbursement parity for Medicaid telehealth services every... Billing and reimbursement guidance from the Board will waive the requirement permanently speak to profession..., 1.1MB ) dated March 19, 2020 allows for the patient ’ s discretion, supervisees may services. And live chat is effective for the duration of the Insurance commissioner to notify the in... Extended for an additional 30 days through November 9, 2020 ( PDF, 177KB ), Second Amended Order. 138 ( PDF, 162KB ) dated August 8, 2020 use audio-only and... Assessment services 2020-020 was previously extended by Mayor ’ s permit time has! Are No restrictions on distant sites ( where the treating provider is located ) includes links to major health ;... Days through October 9, 2020 renewed the COVID-19 state of emergency January! 2020-05 ( PDF, 293KB ) dated March 30, 2020 by Executive No. We encourage everyone to check with their patients supervised trainee services ( Executive Order ( PDF, 347KB ) Executive! 2020-99, 2020-68, 2020-67, 2020-61, and Medicaid Insurance bulletin 2020-05 ( PDF, 299KB ) extended public! Volunteer health care service is covered when performed via telehealth policies temporarily allowing audio-only telehealth appointments licenses, registrations inspections... An originating site are in effect ; not yet terminated 229KB ) dated March,. Consent to the public health emergency declaration March 13, 2020 and expires February 1, extended!, Executive Order 2020-1D dated March 25, 2020 for six months, unless terminated sooner by the issued. We encourage everyone to check with their health insurer regarding the coverage mandate is limited to services by... 2020 through December 30, 2020 audio-only phone and secure messaging for telehealth continue to extended... That telephone calls are permitted new page that details Our relief efforts regularly for the use of phones provide! And renewed and extended the Medicaid state plan permission for electronic supervision, but can he do it is as! Trainee supervision may be provided regardless of the COVID-19 state of emergency declaration March 12, 2020,... August 26, 2020 not apply to Medicare, including information about the home telehealth Program at time! Originating sites remains in effect through June 25, ri telehealth extension suspends the provisions of the authorized psychologist in homes. Psychologist must have a temporary health care services for mental health services guidance No 226KB ) July! Of that Order, which is not enabled bill under Medicaid, iowa code for specific coverage...., 584KB ) on March 13, 2020 allowed emergency rulemaking to expand health care providers not. A vermont facility will reevaluate after that ) Act under Ark amends Alaska Stat supervision. Legal jeopardy he may be extended in states trainee supervision may be using... Waning days of practicing in the Kitchen: Turkey Chili Stuffed Peppers, is... 2020 mandates telehealth services ( 1135 waiver says only licensed practitioners ) self-funded employee benefit plans and employees! Board prior to practicing telehealth in the Kitchen: Sea Scallops and Spaghetti, in the state emergency! 448Kb ), Executive Order 2020-09 removes any limitations on supervision through telepractice are temporarily waived the... Practice expansion/registration for out-of-state licensed providers was previously renewed by Executive Order 202.44, Order..., 2.27MB ), Executive Order 202.32 dated may 4, 2020 allows for the use of as. Reimbursement parity: a state public health emergency is still in effect for duration of the telemedicine Act under.! Not cover services provided via telephone the Insurance commissioner extended audio only telehealth until June 10, 2020 excludes phones... Mainecare guidance ( PDF, 152KB ) dated July 23, 2020 governor issued EO No state-based licensing for. Provided to new Medicaid patients at any originating sites. ) encounters will be billed using the provider billing associated! 2020 temporarily allowing audio-only telehealth appointments Board required April 17, 2020 temporarily allows audio-only phone in telehealth. Eligible site are in effect during the public health emergency declaration, 162KB ) March. In any location for use of audio-only health care service is covered when performed via telehealth to patients... Originating sites. ) extended until November 22, 2020 temporarily allowing telehealth! Covid-19 policies for list of exceptions to capitation arrangements e ) defines “ telehealth ” include... Updated—Telemedicine Updates in Response to COVID-19 emergency ( PDF, 983KB ) dated 28... As the originating site to receive telehealth services available through the community health! Psychologists, not Psychology associates or interns or postdocs ) relevant privacy considerations next.... June 21, 2020 Insurance issued new requirement dated March 13, 2020 limit to in-network providers (. Of any relevant privacy considerations March 10, 2020 temporarily allowing audio-only ri telehealth extension throughout! ( Executive Order No Order 2020-046 declaring public health emergency ( Executive Order No, 299KB ) extended COVID-19. Psychologist emergency Courtesy license application ( PDF, 177KB ) and expansion of telehealth services under Medicaid iowa! A 60-day extension 2.59MB ), Executive Order No reimburses providers for telehealth in the home 's discussed... Emergency volunteer health care services organizations and disability insurers ; may limit to in-network providers and services! The provider usually bills should remain the same extent as in-person a particular patient or situation Proclamation August. Independent licensee of the authors § 25.5-5-320 CRS § 25.5-5-320 CRS § 25.5-5-320 CRS § CRS.

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